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Azura shapes are inspired by Mariolas, vertical bodies made of overlapping stones built by Portuguese shepherds to guide their paths through the mountains. In Bolivia and Argentina similar structures are created as a sign of appreciation and call for protection from the Earth and mountains Gods.


The Beltia collection is inspired by Warrior Goddesses. Ancestral shapes that transport us to another time and to pieces and pieces and objects reminiscent of ancient times.


The hollow takes the center stage in COA collection. Filled with strong pieces that make the different metal coloration its main focal point.


DUOO are circular shapes in which two or more elements result in one. They dance with the body, with movements within themselves. A sophisticated and elegant collection of solid and flat structures embed with an organic feeling of irregularity and comfort.


A collection that exists and dances in the reflection of movement. In the contemplation of the wind blowing in the canopy of a tree, echoes a movement. An articulated body of rigid and flat elements that comes alive in animated forms and unexpected shines.


HERA collection is inspired by the leaves of the olive trees and the crispness of Spring. The shadows and folds of the stylised silver leafs transport us to a romantic Spring sunny afternoon.


​Ilhas translates to "Islands" in English. This special collection, with its jagged edges, takes on the strength and freshness of the insular character. These pieces represent the imperfect fragmentation of matter. 


Flat and stripped surfaces that result in elegant and sophisticated adornments. The Nova Líneas jewelry has enlarged forms with fine and delicate structures.



Lorena is a collection that reminds light and warm summer days. Detailed and feminine, the pieces from this new collection carry with them a natural freshness, emphasised by the use of natural Pearls and subtle, unique details in each piece.


Luzia is a Portuguese name that resembles the light of clear mornings. In this collection, a weave of full and empty elements illuminates light and delicate pieces with geometric cutouts.


Light and dancing jewels, adorned with cutted patterns that play between hollow and full, light and its absence. Always adorned with little pearls or thin silver slats.


​Like the river waters flowing, Oya collection is made of sinuous strips of silver and oxidized silver resulting in jewelry with great strength and plasticity.