Kosmos Gold Plated Necklace


Kosmos gold plated silver necklace. This collection is characterised by circular orbits and celestial bodies that revolve around themselves, creating contemporary jewels that stand out. You can use this necklace by itself or with earrings and ring from the same collection.

  • Material: 24k gold plated 925 silver ring
  • Finishing: Brushed; polished (hoop, edges)
  • Weight: 19.7 gr
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in Portugal

In this collection, Chaos became Kosmos. The apparent disorder is harmonised in eccentric and circular orbits, with celestial bodies that revolve around themselves and around the Sun.

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Vanessa Pires is the designer and creator of Vangloria Jewellery. Her creations have a genesis in an oneiric Universe, beyond space and time, where the concrete world of forms and the intangibility of emotions merge in an alchemical process that brings to light bold jewels, full of symbolism.

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