Brincos Geode


Brincos Geode em prata com banho de ouro. Uma jóia inspirada na Geode, formações rochosas que ocorrem em rochas vulcânicas, e que revelam no seu núcleo os mais belos cristais, sendo considerados um símbolo de beleza interior.

  • Material: Prata 925 com banho de ouro 24k
  • Acabamento: Escovado; polido (aro, arestas)
  • Tamanho: 5.2 x 3 cm
  • Peso: 22.7 gr
  • Produzido manualmente
  • Made in Portugal

Look beyond the surface… True beauty lies within. Geode collection is inspired by the geode: an apparently common rock formation, that when broken reveals the most beautiful crystal inside and is therefore considered as a symbol of inner beauty.

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Vanessa Pires is the designer and creator of Vangloria Jewellery. Her creations have a genesis in an oneiric Universe, beyond space and time, where the concrete world of forms and the intangibility of emotions merge in an alchemical process that brings to light bold jewels, full of symbolism.

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