Inês Telles

Brincos Gutti

Color: Sterling silver

Brincos Gutti em prata. Produzida recorrendo a técnicas tradicionais de ourivesaria, esta é uma jóia especial que poderá usar todos os dias. Disponível em prata e em prata com plaqueamento a ouro.

  • Material: Prata 925
  • Produzido manualmente
  • Made in Portugal

Inês Telles Jewellery is the brand created by jeweller Inês Telles. Graduated in Art History, this Portuguese jeweller quickly turned into jewellery. However, Art History has followed her into the jewellery world, serving as inspiration for her creative process. Created using manual and traditional jewellery processes in her studio-workshop in Lisbon, Inês Telles jewellery speaks a unique language. With a successful career of over 10 years in her repertoire, Inês's jewels reflect a mixture of strength, character and timelessness that leaves everyone breathless.

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