Leonor Soares Carneiro

Brincos Maré

Color: Sterling silver

Criados a através de processos artesanais e tradicionais de joalharia, os brincos Maré são uma jóia produzida em prata e pintada manualmente com óxido. Uma jóia delicada, disponível em prata e em prata com plaqueamento de ouro 24k. 

  • Material: Prata 925
  • Tamanho: 1.5 cm
  • Peso: 2.27 gr
  • Produzido manualmente
  • Made in Portugal

Azura shapes are inspired by Mariolas, vertical bodies made of overlapping stones built by Portuguese shepherds to guide their paths through the mountains. In Bolivia and Argentina similar structures are created as a sign of appreciation and call for protection from the Earth and mountains Gods.

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Leonor S. Carneiro is the jewellery behind Ninô jewels. For this designer, each jewel starts with a dream. The dream of taking it to the next step, using the lines and the delicacy of nature as a source of inspiration. A dream executed by hand, carefully thought out. Every curve and every detail creates the jewel. A priceless dream, with the beauty and magic that a product produced by hand and worked with the greatest care and delicacy has.

Ninô's jewels, executed in silver and gold, are created by manual and traditional jewellery processes, making each piece unique and exclusive. The passion for creation, the attention and minutia in every detail, is what allows Leonor to create innovative and fluid pieces, making them sit delicately on the body, of great simplicity and visual lightness.

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