Anel Spiral I


Anel Spiral I em prata com banho de ouro 24k. Nesta colecção inspirada nas espirais de Fibonacci, as formas materializam-se como símbolo de crescimento, entropia e ascensão, numa eterna busca pela harmonia. Um anel especial, que poderá usar com os brincos da mesma colecção.

  • Material: Prata com banho de ouro 24k
  • Acabamento: Escovado; polido (arco, arestas)
  • Tamanho: 2.2 x 1.4 cm (topo)
  • Peso: 5.6 gr
  • Produzido manualmente
  • Made in Portugal

Fibonacci spiral, also known as the golden spiral, is the inspiring element of this collection. The golden spiral is materialised in sequential forms, curiously and inexplicably found in multiple elements of nature. Symbol of growth, entropy and ascension, in an eternal search for harmony.

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Vanessa Pires is the designer and creator of Vangloria Jewellery. Her creations have a genesis in an oneiric Universe, beyond space and time, where the concrete world of forms and the intangibility of emotions merge in an alchemical process that brings to light bold jewels, full of symbolism.

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